Final offer of social housing to end s.193C accommodation duty

A letter for making a final offer of social housing to a homeless applicant to end the s.193C(4) accommodation duty.

When is the s.193C duty owed?

The s.193C(4) duty to secure accommodation is owed where a 'main duty-type' case failed to cooperate with the council.

The s.193C(4) duty is owed instead of the main housing duty.

Specifically, the duty is owed where:

  • the homeless applicant deliberately and unreasonably refused to take a mandatory step in their housing plan
  • the prevention or relief duty ends as a result, and
  • when the prevention or relief duty ends the authority is satisfied that the applicant:
    • is eligible for assistance
    • is homeless
    • has a priority need, and
    • did not become homeless intentionally (s.193B(1), s.193C(1) to (4)).

Final Part 6 offer

A 'final Part 6 offer' is an offer of accommodation under Part 6 of the Housing Act 1996, i.e. results from an allocation of housing from the council's housing register.


The letter includes the information that must be provided before the offer is refused, should you wish subsequently to end the s.193C(4) duty.

The applicant must, before he or she refuses the offer, be notified:

  • that the offer is a 'final offer' for the purposes of section 193C of the Housing Act 1996
  • of the consequences of accepting or refusing the offer
  • of their right to request a review of the suitability of the accommodation (s.193C(6)).

Country England

User Social Landlord or Local Authority

Subject Homelessness

Document Type Letter

Final offer of social housing to end s.193C accommodation duty
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