Homeless decision - ineligible for assistance

A letter to notify a homeless applicant that they're ineligible for assistance under the homelessness legislation (on immigration and nationality grounds).

This 'not eligible' letter is for when you've established the applicant is ineligible when undertaking the initial s.184(1) inquiries.

In other words you haven't proceeded to the s.189A assessment (because you're not satisfied the applicant is eligible for help).

There are sections of text you can use (or delete) depending on whether:

  • the applicant is occupying interim s.188 accommodation
  • you are offering a referral to social services (under s.213A of the Housing Act 1996)
  • the applicant is subject to immigration control.

Country England

User Social Landlord or Local Authority

Subject Homelessness

Document Type Letter

Homeless decision - ineligible for assistance
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