Housing plan (generic template)

Use this form when you have undertaken an initial s.189A homelessness assessment to confirm in writing:

  • the steps the applicant should be taking;
  • the action the Council will be taking (under the prevention or relief duty);
  • the action the Council has already taken;
  • if the applicant did not agree with some of the steps, the reasons why they didn't agree.

Note: an alternative version of this document should be used if a plan is being issued:

  • before the s.189A assessment (i.e. before you are satisfied the applicant is eligible for help and either homeless or threatened with homelessness), or
  • if you're reviewing a previous statutory plan issued under s.189A(8).

Country England

User Social Landlord or Local Authority

Subject Homelessness

Document Type Form

Housing plan (generic template)
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