Requesting Children Act 1989 assessment & s.17 accommodation because parent intentionally homeless

A letter for housing advisors to send on a homeless person's behalf to social services where they:

  • Have been found by the housing authority to be intentionally homeless.
  • Are being excluded (or have already been excluded) from their s.190 temporary accommodation.
  • Face destitution, and
  • Require temporary accommodation and financial assistance to be able to obtain a private let.

Ideally the request for a Children Act assessment should be made in advance of the date on which the homeless applicant is to be excluded from their temporary accommodation by the housing authority.

Representations should also be sent to the housing authority, for example to request that they exercise their power to continue providing accommodation until the review is completed and the Children Act assessment is undertaken.

If you are not a specialist or solicitor you should consider referring the person to a legal aid provider who specialises in housing or community care.

See the 'Links' page for help with finding your nearest legal aid firm.

Country England

User Advocate

Subject Homelessness

Document Type Letter


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