Requesting financial assistance because client cannot afford private rental

This letter enables you - if you're representing a homeless applicant in England- to write to the council to requesting they:

  • Pay prevention fund money, and
  • Support a discretionary housing payment (DHP) application

because your client cannot afford a private rental.

The letter includes sections which can be amended as necessary, to set out:

  • Your client's circumstances.
  • A summary of the law and guidance on how affordability decisions should be made, including the Samuels v Birmingham CC judgment.
  • Arguments as to why additional financial help is required if the council is to lawfully perform their duty.

The letter also includes text - that can be adapted as necessary - to ask the council to:

  • Carry out a review of the steps it has proposed to take, as part of the s.195 prevention or s.189B relief 'reasonable steps' duty.
  • Provide their policy that governs additional 'homelessness prevention' payments from their homelessness budget.
  • Confirm the outcome of your client's housing register application.

Country England

User Advocate

Subject Homelessness

Document Type Letter


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