Introduction to the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

Need a comprehensive introduction to the new homelessness legislation?

This one-day course ensures your staff have a thorough understanding of the new legislation.

Attendees undertake exercises that demonstrate how the assessment of homeless persons and the help they're entitled to will change under the new rules.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for both homelessness managers and staff working with people who apply to their local council as homeless. For example:

  • support workers
  • homelessness prevention staff
  • council staff involved in triage and initial assessments
  • homelessness assessment staff
  • advocacy workers and advisors.

What's covered?

  • Policy aims of the new legislation
  • How the general advice duty will be strengthened
  • Is priority need still important?
  • Changes to local connection rules for care leavers
  • How the homeless application process will change - the new 3 stage process
  • Change to the legal definition of 'threatened with homelessness' - what are the implications?
  • The interim accommodation duty - what's changed?
  • The new assessment duty - what must the assessment cover?
  • The 'housing plan'
  • Identifying 'reasonable steps'
  • Seeking agreement with the applicant
  • Unreasonable and deliberate non-cooperation - how must the new power be exercised?
  • Keeping the assessment and plan under review
  • The prevention duty
  • The homelessness 'relief' duty
  • How much action must the council take to prevent or relieve homelessness? The relevant principles explained
  • What if the council does not take reasonable steps?
  • The main housing duty - when will this now be owed?
  • Changes to the Suitability Regulations - consequences for priority need households and discharging duties
  • The new duty for public authorities to offer a referral to a local housing authority - what information will be provided?
  • New rights to request a review of decisions
  • Code of Practice.


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