Fresource Friday: Housing Act 1996 Part 7, as amended by the Homelessness Reduction Bill (almost...)


Trying to get your head around how the homelessness legislation is likely to change? Yet to grapple with the fine detail?

That's the position I was in a few weeks ago. So I amended the text of Part 7, to incorporate the changes that the Homelessness Reduction Bill (at least the current version) would make.

[Note: this document has now been updated]

I suspect an official version may become available on the Parliament website in due course (although I'm not overly familiar with these things).

Note 1: the Bill hasn't completed the parliamentary process, so there may be further amendments. It's due to receive its second reading in the Lords on 24 February.

Note 2: Clause 12 of the Bill amends the Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012. The download doesn't include these (proposed) amendments.

Happy reading!


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