Fresource Friday: homelessness application letter by representative on applicant's behalf


A letter that housing advisors can use to submit a homelessness application on a client's behalf.

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I've uploaded a letter in the Resources section today that advisors and support workers can use to:

  • submit a homelessness application, and
  • request interim temporary accommodation.

There's an:

If you're a legal advisor and there's an imminent threat of rooflessness you may of course need to send a pre-action protocol letter straight away rather than the above template.

If you're not a lawyer or not sufficiently familiar with the relevant legal issues it may be more appropriate to help the applicant write an application letter themselves (Welsh version here) and refer the client to a housing law specialist.

I've trained quite a few third sector organisations recently on the homelessness legislation. It's always very enjoyable. You're training staff who want to make a real difference to vulnerable and badly housed people.

Many staff working for small scale homelessness agencies need help getting to grips with the rules governing the statutory homelessness safety net. Only then can they effectively intervene when their clients aren't receiving the services they're entitled to.

Training can be invaluable. Just a little extra knowledge about the technicalities can ensure clients have a roof over their head and receive appropriate support. Or, indeed, ensure that clients access the free legal representation that's still available in respect of homelessness under the legal aid scheme.

Invariably non-legal workers are the first people involved in helping someone who's at risk of homelessness. As such they can often do quite a lot to help. This includes making sure a homelessness application is made at the earliest opportunity and that it's evidenced in writing.

Details of my introductory course on homelessness for third sector workers can be found in the training section.


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