Fresource Friday: housing benefit letters


This week's free resources are letters dealing with some key housing benefit issues.

The following letters have been available in the Resources section for a while. But I thought it's worth reminding people they're available (particularly if you're new to the blog).

After all, helping someone to solve a housing benefit problem can sometimes make the difference between them keeping their tenancy or becoming homeless.

What's available

You can browse the letters by going to the Resources section and entering 'housing benefit' in the search box.

If you just want the letters for claimants choose 'Member of the Public' option in the 'User' dropdown. If you're a private landlord choose 'Private landlord' in the dropdown instead.

You'll see that there's letters dealing with such issues as:

  • providing proof of an ongoing tenancy & rental liability
  • giving consent for disclosure of information
  • requesting interim payments on account
  • requesting that a claim is backdated
  • requesting benefit is paid directly to a private landlord
  • requesting a statement of reasons for an adverse decision
  • submitting an appeal
  • making a formal complaint

As ever, feel free to let me know what other letters you would find particularly useful.

I'm also available if your organisation needs help with drafting policies, forms or letters. You can contact me here.


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