Fresource Friday: a housing plan for homeless applicants


When the Homelessness Reduction Bill becomes law councils will have to provide every homeless applicant with a housing plan.

If you manage an English homelessness team your staff can start preparing now by giving this plan to applicants, to confirm what action they need to take to find (or keep) accommodation.

Image of checklist with option ticked

Create a free account

To download the plan all you need to do is create a free account with your council or housing association work email address.

Guidance on creating an account is available here if you need it.

Two versions

There's a basic version of the plan but also one containing paragraphs dealing with common scenarios. These paragraphs can be used to quickly summarise action the applicant needs to take, e.g. providing information, prioritising rent payments, claiming benefit, getting help from a third party agency etc.

Once you've created an account you can download the plans from the resources section:

Housing plan - generic template
Housing plan - with extra example paragraphs

Welsh versions

If you work for a Welsh council there are different versions specifically for Wales

Housing plan - generic template (Wales)
Housing plan - with extra example paragraphs (Wales)

Be quick!

The documents are only free for a limited period.

Problems / comments about the documents?

Let me know how you get on via the contact page.


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