Homeless applications - letters for housing advisers


I've uploaded a few letters for housing advisers and those advocating on behalf of homeless applicants.

Printer fax illustration

The letters are as follows:

With thanks to William Flack of Hanne & Co Solicitors, who helped me improve a few of the above letters.

Legal aid available

If you're supporting somebody who's homeless it's important to realise that legal aid is available for those who are homeless or at risk of homeless.

Specialist advice should always be sought if you're unsure of how best to advocate on behalf of a homeless person.

You can find your local firm of housing solicitors here.

Want to share precedents?

It occurred to me while writing these letters that the Resources section could be a good place for sharing precedent forms and letters for legal advisers.

Contact me if you'd be interested in sharing some templates that others may find useful.


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