HRA 2017 template letters: ineligible and not homeless decisions


I've uploaded a second batch of letter templates for housing options officers in relation to the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

Photograph of wax seal

These particular letters can be used when you've made initial inquiries but you're not satisfied the applicant is:

  • eligible for help (on immigration and nationality grounds), or
  • homeless or threatened with homelessness.

In other words you haven't proceeded to undertake the new s.189A assessment.

The new templates

Negative s.184 decisions

"You're not yet homeless but we'll still help you"

Often someone will not yet be threatened with homelessness, but it remains likely that in due course they'll become threatened with homelessness.

For example, someone who's received an invalid section 21 notice may still need help and support, because the landlord is likely to re-serve in the near future. (If it initially appeared that the notice might be valid then inquiries will need to be undertaken and those inquiries will need to be concluded by notifying the adverse decision on homelessness status (s.184(1) and (3)).

You might wish to stress to the applicant when issuing the 'not homeless' decision that you'll still be working with them (albeit on a non-statutory basis):

You might also want to provide a:

If you download the 'not homeless' s.184 letter (see above) you'll see that there's an optional section of text on the first page that can be used to emphasise that you'll be continuing to offer help and advice.

How do I download the letters?

You must:

  • create an account (if you haven't already done so) with your work email address, and
  • work for a local authority or registered provider of social housing


  • go to the relevant page in the Resources section (or simply click on the above links)
  • click on the 'Buy document' button
  • click on 'pdf', 'docx' or 'txt'

There's more guidance in the FAQs section on accessing documents if you need it.

Are they free to download?


Should I make the s.184 letter look fancy, by adding a wax seal?

Well, that's really your call. Emailing it might be more practical nowadays.


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