Letters for ending the main housing duty


Letters are now available in the Resources section for homeless officers in England who wish to end the main homelessness duty.

There are links to each letter below.

The words "The End" typed out by a typewriter

Councils will most likely already have similar letters, since the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 did not amend the grounds for ending the main s.193 duty.

However, you may nonetheless find the letters useful. For example if you're reviewing how you communicate with applicants (I've tried to use plain English and make the content of my letters penetrable by using a 'question and answer' format).

The letters

The nine reasons for ending the main duty can be viewed as falling into three categories of circumstances, namely:

  • the applicant has accepted accommodation
  • the applicant has refused accommodation, and
  • other grounds.

You can find the letters by clicking on the links below.

Accepting accommodation

Refusing accommodation

Other discharge grounds

Giving reasons

As with my other letters for notifying homeless decisions I've:

  • separated out the different 'sub-elements' of the relevant legal tests, and
  • highlighted where the facts of the particular case should be summarised and reasons given for adverse findings.

Hopefully this approach should help decision-makers by prompting them to provide the relevant information.

How to download the letters

As access to these letters is reserved for council and PRPSH staff you'll need to:

  • create an account using a council or housing association email address (if you haven't already done so)
  • wait for your 'official' status to be approved (you'll receive a second email after creating the account), and then
  • go to the relevant page for the particular document in the Resources section.

Feel free to email me if you experience any difficulties when trying to create an account or download the letters.


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