Section 202 homeless review resources


I've updated my resources concerning reviews of homelessness decisions under section 202 of the Housing Act 1996.

There are letters for applicants, representatives and council homelessness staff.

Links to all the documents are provided below.

Welsh versions

If you work in Wales I'd suggest you go to the Resources section and search for "Section 85 review" instead of using the following links.

For applicants

For applicants' representatives

Guide to s202 reviews

I originally wrote this guide to help councils improve the information they provide to applicants about their right to ask for a review. I've now updated the English version to take account of the changes brought about by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

The guide can be used to create a leaflet or webpage. The guide can then be referred to in letters that are sent to homeless applicants, if they want more information and advice.

Resources for councils

I've also made all the following letters for councils free to download.

You need to have created an account using a council or housing association email address to access them (see the FAQs pages for more details).

Review request

Accommodation pending review

Deficient original decisions

Requesting extension

Review decision

I hope people find these letters and forms useful.


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